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The Sunday Post – Larry Writer

Australia’s team was witness to history’s most controversial Games, conducted in the cauldron of pre-WW2 Berlin. The 1936 Summer Olympics signalled Germany’s return to the world community after WWI. That year’s Australian team comprised thirty-three athletes, some of whom were oblivious to the ideological exercise the games were to become. Handicapped by a lengthy ocean […]

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The Sunday Post – Allan Behm

Allan was Greg Combet’s chief of staff in the Defence Materiel, Climate Change and Industry portfolios. Allan was Chief of Staff to former Labor Cabinet Minister, Greg Combet. After a varied career as a senior public servant, he took on the job in 2009. It was during the period when Greg Combet was managing the […]

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The Sunday Post – Gill Hicks

Gill Hicks was living in London in 2005. One morning she boarded a train on the Picadilly Line, and in the crowded carriage she was standing next to Jermaine Lindsay who was carrying a bomb. When the bomb was detonated, she felt as though she was being enveloped in inky blackness. When the emergency lights […]

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The Sunday Post – Amanda McClelland

Amanda McClelland is an Australian emergency health advisor working internationally with the Red Cross. After early experience nursing in remote Aboriginal communities, Amanda shifted her focus to public and emergency health. She’s since helped countless people rebuild their lives through her work with organisations including the Australian Red Cross and Concern Worldwide. Click on the heading […]

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The Sunday Post – Conversations with Richard Fidler

Our new Sunday Post will include a recorded interview from Richard Fidler’s weekday Conversations broadcast. Now in his 10th year as presenter, Richard Fidler brings his well-briefed and turned-up-to-eleven curiosity to every interview. Stories from scientists, carers, musicians and philosophers; from boxers, prisoners, princes and prime ministers. Some strange, some sombre, some funny; some mind-bending and many, unforgettable. So […]

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