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Holidays at the Pinnacles

A story by Beryl Bowden There were occasions when I was fortunate enough to have holidays on a property called The Pinnacles a few miles out of town. It belonged to friends of Mum and Dad’s, Mr and Mrs Bill Lowry. I often spent part of my school holidays there. Just to get to the […]

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Roles Defined

A story by Beryl Bowden Yesterday, as I watched my grandson bathing his baby, I thought how things have changed since I was reared in the 1920’s 30’s and 40’s. The roles of male and female were clearly defined then. The men went out to work and the women tended the house and the children. […]

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The Ride of Terror

A Story by Beryl Bowden When I was married in 1950 I had asked Jean Thompson to be my chief bridesmaid. She returned the compliment in 1955 by nominating me as Matron of Honour for her wedding. The other bridesmaid was a female relative of Jean’s who lived in Sydney. In order to meet and […]

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Stroud’s Racecourse!

A story by Beryl Bowden; There was a time when Stroud had a racecourse. I doubt if many people remember it or have even heard of its existence. How it came to be, is a story in itself. During the Second World War, in the early 1940’s, it was decided that a Queen competition be […]

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Going to the pictures

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My Big Moment

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