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ACMA – Australian Communications and Media Authority

Consumer Information TV reception

  • What’s wrong with my TV reception
  • Do I have the right antenna system
  • Where can I get help
  • Is interference causing my reception problems
  • Should I consider VAST service
  • Do I need a signal booster


Coverage and reception

  • Do I need a new antenna to be able to receive digital TV?
  • Do rural and regional areas receive the same coverage as metropolitan areas?
  • Does freeview solve reception issues?
  • How do I know if I live in a ‘black spot’?
  • I have very poor digital TV reception, what can be done about it?
  • How can I get further information on television reception?
  • Why have a satellite service and what channels are available?

Viewer Access Satellite Television – VAST

The VAST service is a first class direct-to-home digital TV satellite service which covers all of Australia. For the first time, viewers who cannot receive digital services from the terrestrial transmitters that serve their area will have access to a reliable free-to-air satellite TV service which delivers the full range of digital channels.

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 Fact sheet archive

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