Work delayed on Gortons Crossing Bridge

Information provided by Great Lakes Council;

Contractors engaged by Great Lakes Council have experienced delays in replacing Gortons Crossing Bridge to the west of Stroud due to recent bad weather.

“Work commenced in August but wet weather during August and September caused a rise and increased flow in the Karuah River stopping work for almost four weeks” said Council’s Operations Manager, Mr Robert Fish.

The road is currently closed to traffic while the bridge work occurs.

“Work has recommenced however the opening of the bridge is now expected to occur early to mid-December, weather permitting” said Mr Fish.

A new concrete bridge is being constructed as the original timber bridge was washed away during flooding in early 2013.

“A temporary structure was put in place following flooding in early 2013 to open the road and to allow time to secure funding and engage a contractor to replace the bridge” said Mr Fish.

The work is being undertaken using Natural Disaster Relief funding.

“The new bridge will be raised by one metre from the original bridge level to enable the road to remain open more often during minor flood occurrences” said Mr Fish.

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