Thinking of purchasing a pet for Christmas? Why not adopt

Dog rescue Newcastle

Rescue dogs and cats make the best companions! If you’re not sure if a rescue dog or cat is for you, please visit the ‘Dog Rescue Newcastle’ website and read about the love and joy these lucky pets bring to the families who have welcomed them into their lives.

Lewis - Dog Rescue Newcastle


Since formation, Dog Rescue Newcastle has re-homed more than 5,000 dogs and over 600 cats who would otherwise have been euthanized. This is a great achievement considering the size of the organisation and the limited funds available. They always welcome more volunteers and foster carers, if your interested the contact details are listed below:

P | 4954 2234 or 0415 367 144
E |
W |

P | 0405 595 075
E |
W |

Dog Rescue Newcastle was officially established in May 2008 by Sue Barker and Anne Ward. Anne is now dedicated mainly to cat rescue while Sue is the President of Dog Rescue Newcastle and devotes all of her time trying to save the lives of abandoned dogs and managing a network of over 150 foster carers and volunteers. Her phone never stop ringing! Sue has decades of experience in dog rescue and her dedication is an inspiration to all of us.

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