Stroud Girls Recreate

Story courtesy of the Gloucester Advocate;

The Gloucester Platypus Festival drew large crowds to Billabong Park on Saturday. The theme of this year’s festival was ‘Rivercare’, with tribute paid to the local community groups that help protect the platypus habitat.

A group of young enterprising Stroud girls worked hard at their ‘Recreate’ stall at the Platypus Festival. All items for sale were made from re-used, re-purposed, re-cycled, pre-loved stuff. The girls had a lot of fun in the weeks leading up to the festival making; baby jean bags, necklaces, re-shaped crayons and even brooms. Well done girls.

Gloucester Advocate

From the left; Elsie, Olivia, Emma, Meg and Lilly

One Comment on “Stroud Girls Recreate”

  1. Donna Gorton September 12, 2014 at 3:29 pm #

    Very enterprising young ladies- well done! It looks like you had lots of fun!

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