Reminder to take care with water resources

Information provided by MidCoast Water;

As the mercury climbs, Manning , Great Lakes and Gloucester residents are reminded to be careful with their water and remember MidCoast Water’s summer water saving program is in force.

MidCoast Water is carefully monitoring water use and river flows – with a watchful eye to the forecasts.

General manager Robert Loadsman said while the Manning River – from where water is drawn to supply the Greater Taree and Forster Tuncurry areas – is holding due to last week’s rain, the rivers which supply other communities aren’t fairing so well.

“We are closely monitoring the Karuah River, which supplies the communities of Stroud and Stroud Road, and the Crawford, from where water for the Bulahdelah community is drawn,” Mr Loadsman said.

“We do ask all our communities to take care with their use of water at this time of year, with a particular plea to the communities of Stroud, Stroud Road and Bulahdelah to take part in our summer water saving program.”

MidCoast Water’s summer water saving program encourages residents to take care with our water, and taking part is just follow the simple message – ‘don’t spray in the middle of the day’.

The one simple requirement of the program is that fixed hoses, sprinklers and microspray systems shouldn’t be used during the hottest part of the day, 9am to 4pm.
Supporting the summer water saving program will not only help water supplies, it is also more effective for gardens.
Watering during the heat of the day is inefficient as the water evaporates before the plants have a chance to benefit from it. Restricting watering to the cooler hours of the day is far more effective.

More water saving information:
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Phone | 1300 133 455

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