New Land Release for Stroud

Information courtesy of Great Lakes Council;

Great Lakes Council has placed a planning proposal on public exhibition to rezone approximately 17 hectares of land in Briton Court Road, Stroud for rural residential development and is seeking comment on the plan.

The proposal provides an opportunity for large lots of approximately 5000m2 to be created and will appeal to landowners wanting a large residential block close to town. The proposed rezoning will result in approximately 20-25 large residential allotments.

“Council acknowledges the need to provide a range of residential living opportunities in Stroud and considers that the subject site is ideally located to support this type of development. The proposal will also create a softer edge in transitioning from the existing village to the rural zone” said Council’s Manager of Strategic Planning, Mr Roger Busby.

“Various studies have been conducted to ensure the land is capable of supporting future residential development. The land is free from flooding and will be connected to the town sewerage and water services.”

The Planning Proposal is currently on exhibition and Council is seeking community feedback. A draft Development Control Plan (DCP) for the subject land is also on exhibition. The draft DCP establishes site specific controls which will guide development of the land.

The Planning Proposal, draft DCP and supporting documents are available to view on Council’s website and may also be inspected at Council’s Administration Offices in Forster and Stroud. Council invites the community to make written submissions which must be received by 4.30pm on Wednesday 1 October.

One Comment on “New Land Release for Stroud”

  1. Margaret Lang September 11, 2014 at 10:01 pm #

    It would be a good idea to increase the population of our town.It is a pity though that council does not attend to some of the problems in the already established areas. I have been asking the council for nearly twenty years to attend to an open drain that spills over from Memorial Ave onto my block and has caused damage.

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