‘Know your numbers’ – free clinic


What are your numbers? and why should you know them? The numbers in question are; blood pressure, lipids and Body Mass Index – BMI. Knowing these numbers and keeping them within a healthy range could go a long way to prevent a range of health issues that you’d rather live without. Diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Stroud Pharmacy is hosting a ‘Know your numbers‘ clinic specifically targeting men over the age of 35 years, who don’t go to the doctor often or at all.

“Of course if you know someone male or female who should attend, we would love them to join us.”
“It’s a fantastic opportunity for men over the age of 35 to ‘challenge’ themselves to take the tests” says Brian Russell.

WHERE | Stroud Pharmacy
WHEN | Thursday 11 December
COST | Free
TIME | 10am

Know Your Numbers‘ is a process that is supported by the Heart Foundation and Stroke Foundation and Pharmacy Guild among many other people. It is a very useful awareness and screening tool for a persons’ risk of Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes.

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