Karuah Catchment Plan – Forum Outcomes Report

The Karuah Catchment Forum was held at Stroud Country Club, over two days on the 19 and 21 of June. The goal of the forum was to involve the community in the planning process of the Karuah River Basin Catchment Plan.

A range of topics were discussed, which included;  soil erosion, weeds, water quality, vegetation and stream bank health; whilst also incorporating primary production and social needs.

The overall feedback from people who attended the forum was positive, with many inspired by the ideas being shared.

Excerpt from the ‘Outcomes Report’ published – July 2014;

The Karuah River catchment is located on the NSW lower north coast bordered by the Manning River catchment in the north, and the Hunter River catchment in the south and west. The topography of the Karuah basin is characterised by an extensive system of north-south ridges lines, which is reflected in the river. The Karuah River drains a catchment of approximately 1,490 km2 rising in the north in the Barrington Tops at an elevation of over 1,000 metres and discharging to the south into Port Stephens Estuary adjacent to the township of Karuah. The catchment is typically characterised by narrow valleys in the higher reaches which widen in the mid to lower reaches.

The Karuah River has a number of major tributaries, including Telegherry River, Mammy-Johnsons River, Mill Creek, The Branch River, Deep Creek and Limeburners Creek, plus the upper Karuah River itself. Most rivers and creeks in the Karuah River Basin are unregulated, without major storages to capture and control flows. As in most unregulated rivers, flows are most affected during relatively dry times, when water flow is less and demand high.

Landuse within the catchment includes large areas of State Forest, agricultural production, (in particular poultry farms and beef cattle), National Park Estate, coal mining and lifestyle properties. The main population centres of the catchment are Karuah (pop ~1000) at the mouth of the river and Stroud (pop. ~700) located in the centre of the catchment.

Read the full report – Karuah Catchment Forum – Ouctomes Report

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