Inspired by Stroud

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Anne Frost, acclaimed Newcastle director, actor and playwright, is a born and bred Stroud girl. In recent years Anne moved back to Stroud and has been instrumental in many local theatrical productions including ‘Music and Mirth’ and the Christmas pantomime ‘A lad in a Manger’.

Anne has just announced a very exciting project – A short film shot in Stroud showcasing all Stroud has to offer.

The essence of the project is to showcase our historic buildings, festivals, businesses, rural industries and activities, and most of all Stroud’s people – that’s you! Organisers want to include everyone in this innovative venture.

Greg Smith (Forster Film Festival) and Anne Frost are applying for a grant from the Australia Council to achieve this. However they need your support. To maximise the success of the grant they have put together a petition.

“I have placed support forms in the local businesses so you can help by signing them and encourage all you know to do the same. The more support we have on a local level the better will be our grant application.” says Anne.

To help boost support the Stroud Community Web started an online petition. If you can’t get into town to sign the petition forms please follow this link to lend your support to this fantastic project. Sign the petition

Anne and Greg also need letters of support from all groups and businesses in the town so if you are reading this and that applies to you please do so with a letterhead if possible.  The grant application deadline is the end of next week so we only have to Wednesday 28th August to gather the support material.

So as my Nanna used to say ‘don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.’

“The following short film ‘Inspired by Iceland’ is the format we will use for the project. Please watch it and imagine this shot in Stroud and you’ll be as excited as we are.” says Anne.

One Comment on “Inspired by Stroud”

  1. Anne Frost August 22, 2014 at 8:43 am #

    Any support letters can be emailed to
    Yes I am Inspired by Stroud!

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