Heywire – What’s your story

Heywire is all about young people telling it like it is – in your own words and in your own way. The competition is unique as it focuses on hearing the voice of regional youth. If you live in regional Australia and are aged 16 to 22 Heywire is an opportunity to tell a story about an aspect of your life and where you live, in any format you like:

Photos – 10 images
Video – 2 – 4 minutes
Text – 400 words
Audio – 2 – 4 minutes

Entries can be submitted until 16 September 2014

Tips for a great entry

  • It’s about you – Submit a true story about an aspect of your life. You are unique and the place where you live is unique, and that makes your story fascinating.
  • But not everything about you – We’re not asking you to tell your whole life story. Focus on one important event or aspect of your life. Remember we recommend 400 words, 2-4 minutes of video or a series of photos.
  • Check out our past winning stories – If you are not sure what to write about, check out the past winning stories on the website for inspiration.
  • Still not sure what to make your story about? – Ask yourself these questions and come up with as many answers as you can. One of them is bound to make an excellent yarn.

– What’s a challenge you’ve overcome?
– What recent event has had a big event on your life?
– What are you passionate about?
– What makes you or your town unique?
– Why do you like living where you do?

  • Look for specific moments rather than generalities – Instead of saying “I love my town because of the community spirit” try describing a moment from your life that illustrates that community spirit.
  • Look for turning points – Turning points are moments where your life changes course. They are fascinating to the reader and often set up a suspenseful story.
  • Give us more than just your opinion – Many great Heywire stories are opinion pieces about important issues. But we encourage you to not solely focus on your opinion, but also your experience of the issue.
  • Show respect – If you are putting together a story that involves other people who are identifiable, make sure you show them respect. We also encourage you not to use your real name or other’s real names. See the Heywire website for more about online privacy and conditions of use.
  • Steer clear of music you don’t own – When producing audio or video, please ensure you use copyright free material. Go to the website for tips to help you find appropriate music.
  • Keep it real and keep it simple – Use the kind of language you would use every day. Be yourself!

Entries close 16 September 2014

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