Gold Excursion

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On Monday 20th October students from Booral, Stroud and Stroud Road Public Schools embarked on an excursion to support their studies in class on the topic of Gold.

Gulgong Museum

The Old School House – Gulgong Museum

We left school at 6.30am and travelled to Gulgong where students explored Australian history in the Gulgong Museum. Then we travelled to Hill End where we walked eighty metres of the Bald Hill Gold Mine and had the opportunity to climb thirty metres up the ventilation shaft. We then drove the short distance to our overnight accommodation.

Tuesday had us exploring the township of Hill End where we learnt what businesses existed and how many people lived, worked and searched for gold in Hill End. We then explored Golden Valley, a section of creek bed that has been mined to a depth of about fifteen metres, the local cemetery, before heading to the creek to try our luck at gold panning. Some of us were able to strike it lucky and collected some gold.

We then travelled to Sofala, another large gold town, where we explored the township before heading to Bathurst for the night. Once we settled into our accommodation we set off for a walk along part of the Mount Panorama race track where we met the bus which drove us the rest of the way around the track. Before bed we listened to and sang some colonial songs, were told some campfire stories and enjoyed some bush dancing.

Wednesday saw us travel to Hartley where we toured the courthouse and church. Then we travelled to Scenic World where we rode the Scenic Railway down the side of the mountain to where the Katoomba Coal Mine was located. We walked along the boardwalk to explore the temperate rainforest and then we rode the Scenic Cable way back up the mountain. We then travelled back to school.

All the students were extremely well behaved and represented our community with pride and honour. At each of our stops our tour guides and members of the public commented on the excellent behaviour, manners and cooperation of all our students.

Mr Anthony Pearson, Mrs Carolyn Bowman and Miss Crystal McGuigan
Booral, Stroud and Stroud Road Principals

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