Get Ready Weekend 18 – 19 October

Planning to make a plan is not a plan

The following information is courtesy of the NSW Rural Fire Service
Download your bush fire survival plan

A Bush Fire Survival Plan can help you make important decisions about what to do during a fire – like when to leave, what to take and what to do with animals.

Fact is many people have died during bush fires because they’ve left their decisions to the last moment.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you live within a few streets of the bush?
You don’t need to live right on the bush to be at risk from bush fires. Burning embers can travel some distance, setting to fire to homes that are well away from the bush. In fact, the majority of homes destroyed in bush fires are because of what’s called “ember attack”.

Does your area have a history of bush fires?
Think about the area you live in. If fires have happened there before, they will almost certainly happen again. Know the fire risk in your area and prepare for it.

Do you have many trees or shrubs around your home?
It’s a fact that a well prepared property is more likely to survive a bush fire. A well prepared property includes trees and shrubs that have been trimmed, and a cleared area where you and firefighters can protect your home if needed.

If you need to leave your home, would you need to travel through bushland?
If you need to travel through bushland areas to leave your home, you’re at risk of being caught in a fire. Being caught in the open or in a car are among the most dangerous places during a bush fire.

Is your Bush Fire Survival Plan more than one year old?
Even if you’ve made a Plan before, check it and update it if needed. Sit down and talk about your plan with your family. That way, everyone will know what to do if a fire starts.

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