FREE Positive Parenting Program in Stroud

This fun, relaxed and FREE parenting workshop is hosted by Stroud Playgroup and run by Gloucester Community Health. All parents and carers are encouraged to attend.

The Triple P Seminar Series is a series of presentations on positive parenting for people with children aged 3-12 years. The seminars are designed to provide an overview and introduction to the principles of positive parenting for any interested parent. Parents learn how to use positive parenting to encourage children to learn the skills and competencies they need and to promote their health, development and overall wellbeing.

This seminar cover aspects of parenting older children and teenagers. Parents who participate in the Triple P Seminar receive specific advice on ways to manage their child that will help to optimise their child’s overall development as well as the experience of being a parent.

When | Thursday 23rd of October
Time | 9.30am-2pm (parents welcome to stay for just some or all of the workshop)
Where | Stroud School of Arts Hall
Details | Morning tea and lunch is provided. Childcare is available in the Playgroup room and babies are welcome to stay with parents.

Please phone Gloucester Community Health on 6538 5058 to register.

Triple P Seminars – overview

The Power of Positive Parenting

This session introduces parents to the five core principles of positive parenting;

  • Ensuring a safe and engaging environment for children
  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • Using assertive discipline
  • Having realistic expectations
  • Taking care of yourself as a parent

Raising Confident, Competent Children

This session builds on seminar 1 and shows parents how they can use positive parenting principles to teach children important values and skills such as;

  • Encouraging respect
  • Cooperation
  • Getting on with others
  • Learning to be independent
  • Learning to develop healthy self esteem
  • Learning to become good problem solvers

Raising Resilient Children

This session focuses on helping children learn to regulate their emotions. Parents are often uncertain about how to respond to children’s expressions of emotion in ways that help them learn to manage their feelings. This seminar deals with;

  • How to help children recognise and accept feelings
  • How to help children express their feelings appropriately
  • How to help children build positive feelings and deal with negative feelings
  • How to help children develop coping skills and deal with upsetting or stressful

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