Fluoride for Stroud water supply

To start from Monday 24 November 2014

Midcoast WaterAs part of a program to extend the fluoridation of all NSW rural water supplies for the protection of oral health, MidCoast Water will be introducing fluoride into the Stroud water supply.

The decision to include fluoride in the Stroud water supply – which provides water to residents of Stroud and Stroud Road – has been made in line with NSW Health and is expected to start from Monday November 24.

MidCoast Water has been fluoridating its other water supplies – that of the Manning and Great Lakes, Gloucester and Bulahdelah for a number of years.

Nearly 90 per cent of Australians now receive drinking water containing fluoride – with more than 95 per cent of the NSW population having access to fluoridated water, in some areas for over 50 years.

Fluoride acts in a number ways to strengthen teeth and make them more resistant to tooth decay. Tooth decay develops when acid, produced from sugars by bacteria in the mouth, destroys the outer surface of the tooth.

A constant supply of low level fluoride from fluoridated water continually repairs the damage caused by acid.

The fluoridation of public water supplies is carefully controlled. NSW Health and NSW Office of Water are responsible for implementing the Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1957, and associated Regulation and Code of Practice.

Between September and December 2011, brochures were sent to all customers of the Tea Gardens and Stroud water supply systems, with information on the benefits of fluoridation of public water supplies and the option for customer feedback.

These brochures were endorsed by NSW Cancer Council, Australian Dental Association and Diabetes Australia. When customers were asked if they thought fluoridation of the water supply would benefit them and their family, the majority of responses were positive.

Those customers currently taking fluoride tablets are advised they should discontinue supplements once the general supply is fluoridated.

Midcoast Water – Fluoridation of water supplies

NSW Gov Health – Fluoridation of drinking water

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