Council launches online planning tool

Information courtesy of Great Lakes Council;

Great Lakes Council has launched an online planning tool to speed up planning approval times and provide customers with twenty-four hour, seven days-a-week accessibility to the development application process.

The Electronic Housing Code, an online system developed by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure, has been launched amongst NSW Councils including the Great Lakes.

The EHC system is available from Council’s website and allows customers to investigate whether their proposal is exempt from requiring planning approval; or is complying development requiring a complying development certificate; or will require a formal development application to Council before proceeding.

Typically exempt proposals include dwelling repairs, minor internal alterations, garden sheds or home based businesses.

Complying development may include new dwelling construction, carports and swimming pools amongst others.

“If your proposal is classified as exempt or complying, then the EHC will assist you through the planning process” said Council’s Section 149 Planner, Mr Adam Fardell.

The online system will assist users to prepare and lodge a complying development application online with guidance as to the relevant documentation needed.

Users can then generate an exempt or complying development report.

“Council expects that applicants using the EHC will benefit from faster planning approval times and improved access to the user-friendly information on the Housing Code, with the system able to generate an exempt or complying development report” said Mr Fardell.

“In addition, there may be no need to visit Council for advice as the planning rules can be accessed online and exempt and complying applications can be submitted electronically” added Mr Fardell.

The benefits for Council will include improved consistency in the complying development application processes and better streamlining of enquiries and applications.

Currently only those applications that the EHC system identifies as exempt or complying development will be processed electronically.

However, eventually the EHC system will include provision for full development applications to be prepared, lodged and tracked online.

More information on the Electronic Housing Code – EHC

EHC Launchpad –
Great Lakes Council –


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