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For many years now Booral, Stroud and Stroud Road Public Schools have had strong bonds between the staff with combined training and development. This combined training and development, with regular professional discussions between staff across these schools, has ensured a high standard of education for each child enrolled in these schools. Staff also share resources between themselves to help each other cater for individual needs of students.

Each year we hold combined Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals as a community of schools to provide quality experiences for each child. We share costs and organisation of these days.

In 2015 we look to further strengthen the bonds between the schools to ensure high quality and cost effective activities for children to attend.

This year students in Years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to travel together to Hill End and Bathurst for three days to experience what life was like in a gold town. Years 3 and 4 had the opportunity to travel to Sydney for two days and spend the night at Taronga Zoo. We also celebrated NAIDOC week together with a day of cultural activities.

We are excited about the opportunities these experiences bring to our student’s education and appreciate parents and caregivers support in our endeavours to make their child’s time at school a memorable experience that ensures they achieve their personal best in all areas of life.


Mr Anthony Pearson, Mrs Carolyn Bowman and Miss Crystal McGuigan
Booral, Stroud and Stroud Road Principals

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