Click History – Great Lakes goes live

Information courtesy of Great Lakes Council;
Great Lakes Council and the Great Lakes Museum are proud to announce the culmination of 14 months work which sees the creation of a free, online digital database of historical local photographs.

“Over 1,000 photographs of local historical significance are now, for the first time, available online. This important collection was launched at Forster Library on Monday 10 November and is accessible through the Great Lakes Library and Great Lakes Museum websites” said Council’s Library IT Coordinator, Mr Peter Flemming.

The project has only been possible thanks to a major grant from the State Library of NSW and the collaboration between the Library and the Museum. Thanks to input from the Powerhouse Museum, a ground-breaking innovation has resulted in an easily searchable collection.

“The new collection has a couple of really powerful features” said Mr Flemming.

“The resolution of the photographs is very high, which allows you to zoom right in to fine levels of detail. This even enabled us to uncover previously unknown facts.

“While a picture paints a thousand words, we’ve done far more than just putting up great quality images. There’s been a team of people who worked tirelessly to research and document the photos and we’ve been able to incorporate all that information into each record” said Mr Flemming.

Right from the start there’s been plenty of community involvement. Locals have provided important feedback, helping to identify the subject of these photographs.

And this will continue as people will be able to add comments to each photograph in the new online collection.

This is a snapshot of your local history. Take the opportunity to browse through this wonderful collection, and maybe even add some comments of your own.

You can take a look at:

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