Bringing sport to Dungog Shire

Article courtesy of the Dungog Chronicle;

Plans are underway to hold a festival of sport in the Dungog Shire during the October school holidays.
Executive officer at the Hunter Academy of Sport Ken Clifford said it would be run along similar lines as the Hunter Festival of Sport held in Newcastle during the July school holidays.
“The festival has grown dramatically since its inception and now attracts thousands of participants both children and adults in come-and-try days and coaching clinics,” he said.
“And it’s the come-and-try days that we want to run in the Dungog Shire.
“We want to have as many sports as possible there for the children to try out and see what they would like to continue on with.”
A meeting was held in Gresford on Monday of last week with close to 40 people in attendance.
There was a great deal of interest from various sporting groups across the shire to be involved in the two-to-three day event.
“There was a very positive approach from the sporting bodies and school teachers who could see the benefit of holding this event,” Mr Clifford said. “We are tossing around the idea of holding different sporting activities in the different towns and villages.
“Besides giving the kids something to do in the holidays they will also get a taste of the many different sports available which they can participate in. “The academy will provide the coaches and we want to get as many people involved as possible.
“Netball and soccer are the two most popular sports for young people, but there are also others which parents and children may not know about or have tried. “It’s all about working with the community and getting kids more active.
“We don’t want to make them world champions, we just want them to find a sport they would enjoy participating in. We want to give them a choice. “I have a vision of all the children across the Hunter being involved in some kind of sporting activity.
“There is a lot of interest and keenness and hopefully it will go on to be a great event.”

The next meeting will be held in Dungog on Monday night, August 25.
For more information contact co-ordinator Jim Doyle on 0407 307 800.


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