Allan Park Project


In 2009 some of the 20-plus members of Stroud Playgroup began discussing in earnest what they could do to improve playground facilities in the village. Many in the group felt that the village’s two small parks provided inadequate facilities for fun, stimulating and safe outdoor play for their children. The group discussed how many of them regularly travelled to Gloucester to take their children to Billabong Park, but would prefer to stay in Stroud if similar facilities were on offer.

A decision was made to kick-start fundraising for a playground upgrade project and in November 2009 a small group of mums (Tess Hilleard, Sheridan Thomas, Anouska Jones and Angela Hutchins) staged Stroud’s first 100 Mile Banquet, billed as a “feast of all things local.” The event was a huge success and raised more than $3000 in seed funding to upgrade one of the village parks.

In early 2010 these mums began discussion with Great Lakes Council on how the funds raised could be best spent to enhance park facilities. They were aware that community interest in the project was significant and that many shared their vision for an inspirational social and recreational space for the enjoyment and benefit of the whole community and our visitors.

Council’s Recreation Officer Kerrie Simmons met with a small group and indicated that Allen Park, adjacent to the Stroud RSL Hall, would be the best location for a park upgrade. The park is larger than Francis Park (near the swimming pool), adjacent to the significant public space of Stroud Common, and is ideally situated off the main road, addressing safety concerns.

Our vision…so far!

On Friday, July 2 2010, the group invited a group of interested community members to a meeting to help determine a community vision for Allen Park. The dynamic and enthusiastic group of nine community members (see below) came up with a “Wish List” of facilities that they believe would transform this community space. It is important to note that this list represents our vision for what could be achieved in Allen Park, and was determined by a group of interested community members who are prepared to work together to achieve their goals. It is in no way intended to be definitive or conclusive, and is not limited in any way by the availability of resources or other constraints. Our hope is that this document can provide the basis of future community consultation on upgrading Allen Park.

Interim Working Group Allan Park Upgrade, Stroud 12 July, 2010

Sheri Thomas – Stroud Playgroup, Stroud Preschool, 100 Mile Banquet organising committee
Tess Hilleard – 100 Mile Banquet organising committee, Stroud Road Public School
Angela Hutchins – 100 Mile Banquet organising committee, Stroud Playgroup
Paula Harvey – Stroud Preschool, Stroud Playgroup
Leonie Edwards – Stroud Preschool, Stroud Playgroup
Julie Snowdon – Stroud Road School
Margaret Francis – Stroud Lions Club
Katherine Harris – Stroud Public School
Karen Hutchinson – Great Lakes Council

Apologies: Anouska Jones ( 100 Mile Banquet organising committee), Debora Elliot (Booral School), Jo Kelly (Stroud preschool, Stroud Playgroup)