Business Information – Food

Food Standards Australia New Zealand – FSANZ
FSANZ Food Standards Code
 – Food production and handling standards
FSZNZ Labelling – Labelling requirements by the Food Standards Code.
Nutrition Panel Calculator – Tool to calculate the nutrient content and prepare the nutrition information panel for your label.
NUTTAB 2010 – Nutrient database for 2668 foods available in Australia

NSW Food Authority
Food business notification
 – Most businesses that sell food in NSW must officially notify food standards of their food business details. Not-for-profit community and fundraising events are exempt provided the food sold is not potentially hazardous or consumed immediately after thorough cooking.
Food Safety Supervisors – As at October 2011 all food businesses are required to have a trained Food Safety Supervisor working at their business. If you don’t you risk being fined…more information
Other business standards – Packaging, shelf-life, allergy aware resources etc