Yearly Advertising – $35 pa

Hyperlink listing

Welcome to the Stroud Community Web. When you purchase advertising with us you’re ensuring the longevity of the SCW online project and in turn providing the Stroud and surrounding communities with a continual flow of news and information. 


  1. Your business name and contact number included in the Business A to Z listing and the Business Category listing.
  2. Hyperlink to your website or facebook page.
  3. Listed for 12 months.
  4. Use of the ‘SCW Business’ facebook directory –


  • $35 paid yearly in advance – August to August
  • or $2.92 per month – calculated to renew in August 31


Business – A to Z


Stroud Online – Websites – 4994 5993

Business – Category

Online Promotion
Stroud Online – Websites – 4994 5993

Stroud Online – Websites – 4994 5993


email |
facebook |
phone | 4994 5993

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