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Can you help Mark try to walk again?

With the support of his family, friends and the Stroud community, Mark Greenham is hoping to undergo Neuro Physics Therapy to give him the chance to walk again.

Mark and wife Jackie have launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise $10,000 to enable Mark to have this potentially life changing treatment on the Gold Coast. Jackie writes:

“Mark had a motorbike accident 29yrs ago and along with numerous other injuries sustained a spinal cord injury which left him unable walk or feel below his waist.

He is the most amazing husband and dad to Grace and Kobi, now 13years old, who idolise their ‘daddy/mummy’ as he has been a stay at home dad since the day they were born, and been at their side for every milestone of their lives.

Mark has the opportunity to attend Neuro Physics Therapy on the Gold Coast to see if Ken Ware can help Mark to stand or maybe even walk again. After 29 years in a wheelchair Mark is ready to take on this mental challenge. 

Ken Ware at Neuro Physics Therapy has helped a number of paraplegics to walk again – of note is John Maclean (former para-Olympian) and Emma I Henderson (seen on channel 9s ‘This time next year’). Mark has had an appointment with Ken who believes he can help Mark with movement and potentially walking.

Unfortunately, this therapy comes with a price tag outside of our budget. If you can help out in anyway financially it would be greatly appreciated.”

How can you help?

You can donate directly to Mark’s campaign here. Alternatively, you can contact Mark and Jackie on 0412 445 498 or email them on Clcbenz2000@hotmail.com





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