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‘Self love’ by Claire Ince

Stroud-based blogger Claire Ince describes herself as ‘many things’.

“First and foremost, she is a daughter, a sister, and a friend.  She is a university student with a great passion for all things beauty and fashion. She is an open book.”

“I created this blog in early 2016 as a creative outlet. I intended to use it as a place to keep my inner thoughts and express my creative passions in a truly personal way.”

“After a greatly positive response, I now write knowing that my work has helped to inspire others, and in turn, inspires me.”

We though you might enjoy Claire’s most recent blog post Quick Thought – Self Love Here’s a small excerpt …

The mentality that held me as its most prized prisoner was built with bricks of hormones, years of bullying, and the undeniable influence of the media. While I cannot ever fully escape this prison, stepping into the real world showed me that I was never really trapped.

The door was always wide open- I just needed to find it.

You can read more from Claire at Claire-Ince.com


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