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Midcoast Water

Carefully monitoring water resources

While temperatures have reached record highs, and river levels have dropped, the community’s responsible use of water has meant a stay on any implementation of water restrictions at this point in time.

However, MidCoast Water has advised that restrictions may be necessary if the hot dry spell continues beyond the next three to four weeks or water usage increases.

MidCoast Water operates five water supply systems across the region covering the Manning, Great Lakes, Bulahdelah, Stroud, Gloucester and Tea Gardens areas. All supplies, other than the Tea Gardens supply which is a groundwater source, are dependent on local rivers.

Both river levels and water consumption are constantly monitored as part of MidCoast Water’s management of water supplies.

The current hot dry weather impacts on water supplies in two ways, the lack of rain means source supplies are not replenished and the heat often results in more water use than usual.

To date water restrictions have been avoided due to the demand remaining reasonable, according to general manager Ken Gouldthorp, who has commended the community for demonstrating responsible water use.

“As a result of our community’s responsible use of our water supplies, it has not been necessary to impose water restrictions to date.”

The Manning scheme, which supplies customers from Crowdy Head in the north to Tarbuck Bay in the south and west to Krambach, relies on storage in Bootawa Dam and flows in the Manning River.

“With flows in the Manning River decreasing from an average of 4,000 – 5,000 million litres per day to just over 100 million litres per day, we are carefully watching the forecasts.”

Mr Gouldthorp said that while pumping has stopped at Stroud due to the very low river levels, the off-river storage is being utilised and there is over 100 days of water available in storage.

“We do thank our community for their responsible water use and ask that everyone continues to be mindful of their water use over the coming weeks,” Mr Gouldthorp added.

MidCoast Water will continue to closely monitor the situation and will advise the community should water restrictions become necessary.


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