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Can you offer relief from the heat?

Holy heatwave – what a summer it’s been! And with another three days of extreme temperatures on the way this weekend, we encourage you to think about friends, family and neighbours who might be in need of some extra assistance or care during the hot weather.

Research shows extreme heat events have killed more people than bushfires, floods or any other natural disaster in Australia. We need to take the risks of heat seriously and take steps to ensure everyone is safe.

Here are some ideas to help friends, family and neighbours during the extreme heat:

  • offer to share your ‘cool space’ (home or business) with them (and their pets if appropriate)
  • check on them during the hottest part of the day
  • offer to take them to a cool place like a shopping centre, library or cinema
  • use social media to start conversations about how we can all support each other

This fact sheet from the Red Cross Australia has information about staying safe in extreme heat, and how to recognise heat-related conditions.

NSW Health provides comprehensive information for carers about keeping vulnerable people safe during a heatwave.




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