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Young writers published

Earlier this year Stroud Writers invited the students of our three local schools, Stroud, Stroud Road and Booral, to participate in a Children’s Writing Competition.

Fifty children entered the competition. Their stories underwent a blind judging process – each piece of writing was identified only by a number. After local judging, final judging was undertaken by a retired primary school principal in Sydney, who greatly enjoyed reading the children’s stories.

Stroud Writers have published a limited edition anthology, Young Writers of the Stroud District, which in addition to the competition entries contains other stories and drawings by the students of the three schools. The children were excited at the prospect of becoming published authors.

Copies of the anthology are available for $10 at Stroud Library.

Below are the results of the competition. Congratulations to all! Stroud Writers hope to run a competition again next year to encourage our young writers.

Equal Winners: Logan (Stroud PS) and Maisie (Stroud PS)
Runner Up: Grace (Stroud PS)
Commendation: Lacey (Stroud Road PS)

Years 1 and 2
Winner: Peyton (Stroud PS)
Runners Up: Audrey (Booral PS) and Joseph (Stroud PS)
Commendation: Maya (Stroud PS)
Encouragement: Elijah (Stroud Road PS)

Years 3 and 4
Winner: Lachlan (Stroud Road PS)
Runners Up: Alyssa (Stroud PS) and Lewis (Stroud PS)
Commendation: Bronte (Stroud Road PS), Samuel (Stroud Road PS) and Luke (Stroud PS)

Years 5 and 6
Winner: Ben (Stroud Road PS)
Runners Up: Caitlin (Stroud PS) and Indyanna (Stroud Road PS)
Encouragement: Jorja (Stroud PS) and Nicholas (Stroud Road PS)

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