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Is there something you’d like to say about the roads?

MidCoast Council is looking for community perspective on the region’s roads and bridges, the environment, and a special rate variation proposal, commissioning Jetty Research to undertake a telephone survey this month.

Participants will be randomly selected through a telephone recruitment drive, commencing next week. Director of Engineering and Infrastructure, Ron Hartley explains “people who are contacted and agree to take the survey will first be sent an easy-to-read information pack that includes information on the current condition of our sealed roads, and the proposed path forward. This will help them to provide informed feedback when Jetty phone back the following week”.

Participants will be asked about their current levels of satisfaction with MidCoast roads, plans for funding maintenance and renewal of the road network, and their expectations for Council’s management of the environment. The survey will also address options for funding community expectations through a special rate variation. It is anticipated the survey will take around 15 minutes to complete.

“We have assessed and rated the condition of our sealed roads and bridges from the former three councils. This asset data provides the basis for our way forward. Roads and bridges represent 76% of the total value of our $3.3 billion asset base and they are our greatest challenge” said Ron Hartley.

Recruitment will commence for the random phone survey on Monday 14 November. “We’re encouraging everyone who’s contacted to participate as a way of having their say in the crucial decision-making process that will take our region into the future” added Ron Hartley.

“Previous research indicates the level of importance our community places on the condition of the sealed road network and on our natural environment. The results of the survey will assist us in determining whether the community supports increasing investment to improve the roads which are in poorer condition. At the same time we are discussing our environmental program and the levy that supports that”.

For those who are not randomly selected for the phone survey, the information pack will be made available on Council’s website later this month, where they can also complete the survey.

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