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The Future of Stroud Community Lodge

‘New Paradigm’
Community Information session

For a number of years there has been talk within the Stroud Community about the potential futures for the Stroud Community Lodge. Stroud is fortunate to have an Aged Care Facility that has successfully operated for over 25 years following a very successful community-based creation in the 1980s.

As is occurring around Australia, the continuing need for Aged Care facilities is undergoing significant pressures and significant operational change. One of these comes from the Federal Government’s moves to deregulate the Aged Care Sector. Regardless, the fundamental premise for ongoing local Aged Care will remain, the quality of the care of our aged citizens.

As a result, the Stroud Community Lodge Board has been researching and developing Plans for what it believes will be a “New Paradigm”. This process, we believe, will best serve Stroud and its community for the foreseeable future, and will maintain the quality of care delivered to the community over the past 25 years.

Over the next month or so the Board of the Stroud Community Lodge will be briefing the Stroud Community on a number of occasions so as to gather feedback from the community about the work it has been doing, and so that the Board can make its final decision on a “New Paradigm”.

More information | Stroud Community Lodge Board Newsletter

Session – Open to whole community

WHERE | Stroud School of Arts Hall
WHEN | Thursday 13 October, 2016
TIME | 7pm

Session – Staff, Families, Residents, Members

WHERE | Lodge Function Room
WHEN | Thursday 13 October, 2016
TIME | 4pm

WHERE | Lodge Function Room
WHEN | Friday 14 October, 2016
TIME | 10am


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