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Midcoast Council – community satisfaction survey

MidCoast Council seeks feedback on community satisfaction

As part of the NSW Government’s ‘Stronger Councils’ framework for all newly merged councils, MidCoast Council is currently undertaking customer satisfaction surveys.

The random telephone surveys will be conducted throughout September by National Field Services.
“The surveys will only take about 10 minutes and we hope that those who are contacted by telephone will be happy to take part and help us improve our services” said Council’s Manager of Engagement and Communications, Jane Ree.

The survey results will provide baseline information on community views on MidCoast Council’s performance and services.

“This information will be a valuable tool for Council to better understand what matters to our community and to develop measures to improve services, focus communications, enhance community perceptions of council and build stronger relationships with our community” said Jane Ree.

These results will serve as a benchmark for future research and analysis and the survey is intended to be repeated late 2017.

The project is a partnership between the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and the 19 newly merged councils.

More information | www.midcoast.nsw.gov.au


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