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The Best of Scinema (M)

International Science Film Festival

For one show only tonight the Science Hub is presenting ‘The Best of Scinema’. Two hours of amazing films from the 2016 SCINEMA International Science Film Festival showcasing the diversity of science films from across the globe. From drama to documentaries, animations and epic natural history, Scinema captures the awesome scale of our universe in all its beauty and complexity.

WHERE | James Theatre Dungog
WHEN | Friday 19 August
TIME | 7pm


Robot Koch – Eclipse
A musical journey through the cosmos created entirely images from Hubble, NASA, ESA, ESO or Google Earth.

Living Close – Parasitism
Relationships are complicated, especially in the animal kingdom.

A complex chain reaction brings human organs to life. This mechanism generates an act of creation. But this creation, can it be actually produced by a machine?

The Amazing Life Cycle of the European Eel
Did you know that the Romans kept European eels as pets and adorned them with jewelry?

Metamorphosis of plants
To a frenetic beat a ballet dancer mimics and reflects the movements of plants that remain invisible to our naked eye, revealed through time-lapse photography.

In the near future, apps and gadgets are seamlessly incorporated into day-to-day activities. Careless attitudes with personal data leads to consequences that affect more than the individual.

When a garbage collector takes a photo of a tiny colourful spider, he has no idea how it will change his life.

HILLEMAN – A Perilous Quest to Save the World’s Children
An American scientist succeeds in developing more than half of the vaccines children receive today, including the MMR vaccine.  These have saved 8 million lives every year since the mid-1960s, and yet few know his name. His unprecedented achievements place him among the greatest scientists of all time and reveal the irony of saving us from our worst fears.


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