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Snapshot of our history

Stroud’s Central Hotel

Stroud’s Central Hotel is a much loved landmark in the village and has been feeding, watering and providing a bed for weary travellers for well over a century.

These photos, courtesy of the Stroud and District Historical Society, feature the Royal Mail coach outside the original Stroud Central Hotel around 1910. The original pub was also known as ‘Le Motts’ after the Le Mottee family who owned it. The third photo is of Mrs Le Mottee overseeing business from the front verandah of the pub. The building eventually burned down and was rebuilt on the same site as the Central Hotel, Stroud we all know today.

Stroud and District Historical Society regularly post entertaining photos depicting aspects of local history which we’ll share with you whenever we can.

One Comment on “Snapshot of our history”

  1. diana torrance (nee webster) August 10, 2016 at 1:02 pm #

    gee they are great photos love looking at old photos of stroud my lovely home town

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