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Sharing the road with horse riders

Stroud is a horse riders dream with many in the community competing in various horse sports or riding purely for pleasure. Enjoying a trail ride in one of the many State Forests surrounding Stroud is an experience many city dwellers only dream of.

On any day of the week it’s not uncommon to encounter horse riders on the road in Stroud. When sharing the road with horse riders the Roads & Maritime Service outlines some basic rules to keep everyone safe.

Information from the NSW Road Users Handbook

Horse riders and horse drawn vehicles also have rights to share our roads. Watch out for ridden, driven or led horses. When you come across horse traffic remember:

  • Horses can be unpredictable so slow down and give them plenty of room.
  • Never sound your horn, rev your engine or pass a horse at high speed.
  • Slow down or stop if a rider is having difficulty with a horse.

More Information | www.rms.nsw.gov.au


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