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Clean Up day is coming

6 – 10 June

Great Lakes residences only – for the areas: The Bucketts Way, Booral Rd, Stroud and Wards River, including all households in this area with Friday waste services.

Pile dimensions & Placement – Place items neatly in a pile and not exceed 2 cubic metres or more than 1 standard (6′ x 4′) level box trailer. Items must be able to be handled by two people and not exceed 30kg
Items to be placed on the edge of the kerb (not blocking the footpath) where you usually place your bins.


Pile 1. Scrap metal & white goods – wheel barrows, barbeques, hot water systems, metal lawn mowers, empty paint tins, pushbikes, metal furniture, fridges, microwaves, stoves, clothes dryers, washing machines – remember to remove doors – The items will be recycled

Pile 2. General Bulky waste – matresses, eskies, furniture, chairs & tables, lounges, stereos, floor covering, vacuum cleaners, toys, small appliances, pottery & ceramics, bric-a-brac. – These items will go to landfill

Pile 3. Reuse collection – our area will not be having a reuse collection, however, you can take your reusable items directly to the Stroud Tip Shop at the Stroud Landfill site on Simmsville Road. OPEN: Monday – 11am to 3pm | Thursday – 12pm to 4pm | Sunday – 11am to 4pm

For all the information go to Midcoast Waste


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