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Stroud Public School – Community Sharing Program

Term 2 at Stroud School is going to be very exciting. The school is planning to conduct a Community sharing program, which will run over 6 weeks on a Friday afternoon from 1.50pm to 2.50pm.

The program is a chance for a parent or a grandparent, aunt, uncle or friend to share some knowledge with a group of students. The activity may include canvas painting, printing, gardening, paddle pop construction, cooking or cake decorating. The list is endless we just need your expertise.

Students are split into groups and will participate in 2 activities over the term as each activity is only 3 weeks. The group size for parents will be no bigger than 6 students, with the cost of the program being funded by the school with the help of the P & C.

The program will begin on Friday 20th May and conclude on Friday 24th June. This program has been conducted at Stroud School before and both adults and students enjoyed it.

If you would like to participate in the Community Sharing Program please forward the following information to the school by mail, email or phone. We look forward to hearing from you.

Stroud Public School
Community Sharing Program
Erin Street
Stroud NSW 2425
Phone | 02 4994 5255


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