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Stroud Lions Say Thank You

In March 1956 – sixty years ago – the Lions Club of Stroud held their first meeting as a chartered club with Lions International. Sixteen young men joined the club, which meant that their wives and families also became part of the worldwide Lions family. Stroud now had a valuable asset – a dynamic group who had the means and the support of an international organisation to fundraise, improve and help Stroud and the surrounding district, as well as fundraise for any part of the world where disaster had occurred and help was needed.

Remarkably, there is still one current Stroud Lions member from that early group, who, with many others who have come and gone over ix decades, have put thousands of hours into strengthening social networks with other community groups and built some fantastic projects with the community of the Stroud district. Not the least of these projects is the Stroud Community Lodge – the largest employer in Stroud that looks after our most vulnerable residents.

For every one of those 60 years the Lions club has worked with the community to build a better Stroud. Lions’ purpose is always to find out what is important to the community at any point in time, and then to share and champion those ideas. Sharing ideas is a vital ingredient in achieving success with any project, but then the real work comes when the sleeves have to be rolled up and the load shared to achieve the desired result.

All Lions members, past and present, say thank you to the wonderful people of the Karuah Valley and all the clubs and organisations that have worked with Lions these past 60 years, growing this locale into one of the greatest places to live.

As the TV ad says “Lions serve, support their community, raise funds and for every new Lion it means two more hands, so join us and be a part of the largest service organisation in the world.” The current Lions’ hands in Stroud have rolled up their sleeves for the last time for new projects and younger hands are needed to take the reins.

There is so much more that Lions could do in Stroud. If you want to do good things for your community the Lions’ platform is there ready to enable your vision … but not for long. Unless new members step up to carry the club forward into the new financial year it will be the club’s last. Joni Mitchell sang “don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone”. Let’s hope that Lions has another 60 years in Stroud … but that’s now in your two hands.

If Lions is for you or you want more information about Lions please contact

Jacqueline Versace – 4994 5690 jacqueline.versace@bigpond.com
Margaret Francis – 4994 9208 mfrancis74@bigpond.com
Bryn Francis – 0437 029 330 bryn.francis@gmail.com
Eric White – 4994 9146 ericjwhite42@gmail.com

Or check out the Lions websites
Lions Australiawww.lionsclubs.org.au
Lions Internationalwww.lionsclubs.org


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