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Mammy Johnsons Rivercare group

Image by: Stephen Wark

Gloucester Advocate – Letter to the Editor

Wards River – Mammy Jonsons River, Rivercare and Landcare group are hoping to interest like minded people in regenerative and native garden works on “Mammy Johnsons River Reserve” (situated opposite Stroud Road Primary School).

The group is now making great use of a ride-on mower which was provided by Great Lakes Council. A big thank you to Jan McWilliams (Mayor), Len Roberts (Deputy Mayor), Glen Hanford (General Manager) and Councillor Karen Hutchinson for their support. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Steve Howard, Isabelle Strachan and Miles Dixon (Bush Regen) for your assistance in educating and inducting the group. You guys have helped so much!

The group is also wishing to draw supporting members who may not be able to take part in physical activities but can help in the running of the group or can assist to organise and vote on decisions within the group. The group meets each Monday from 9 to 12, weather permitting. Bring along a blanket or chair, something to eat and drink, hat and sun cream. Come join us and keep this pretty spot ecologically viable and pleasant to the eye.

Anybody who is interested, please contact 4997 5979 or 4994 7063. You will be warmly welcomed.

Special thanks goes to anyone who has helped support us on our journey. Come on eco-warriors, show us your style.

Di Stephenson, Maaiangal Group
Stroud Road

Stroud Historian seeks information on Mammy Johnson

Di Stephenson has also spent many hours researching the Aboriginal woman ‘Mammy Johnson’ whom the local river is named after. Mammy is believed to have lived in and around Stroud in the early 18th century. She died crossing a flooded river, now named Mammy Johnsons River in her honour, to attend to a squatter’s wife. ‘‘She  assisted colonial women to give birth,’’ Ms Stephenson said.

Read the full article – July 2014 | www.portstephensexaminer.com.au

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