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Do you have Asparagus Fern on your property?

Debbi Delaney our Karuah River Catchment Officer passed on this message

“Asparagus Fern has been found in the Karuah Catchment around the Booral area. Asparagus Fern is a particularly aggressive noxious weed spread primarily by birds. The following link from the Backyard Bushcare Weed Bulletin illustrates what Asparagus Fern looks like, how it can impact vegetation and ways to control it”.
Backyard Bushcare – Asparagus Fern

Backyard Bushcare

It’s all about working with local people to help protect and enhance the beauty and biodiversity of the whole of the Great Lakes coastal strip, including Forster.

The project provides a number of ways to get involved and learn about weed issues, make a difference in your local environment, as well as making your own garden more beautiful and wildlife-friendly.

Approximately 65% of bushland weeds in Australia are garden escapees – plants originally brought in as attractive garden plants which have, through seeds spreading or green waste dumping, jumped the fence and invaded natural areas.

Back in 2013, over 1,100 private properties in Forster were inspected for invasive and noxious weed species. We then developed the Backyard Bushcare program to address this serious environmental threat. The inspected properties are a particular focus for the program.

We send out monthly Weed Bulletin Emails, profiling a different weed each month. Find out how to identify and control it, why it’s a problem in the Great Lakes area, and lots of other useful information.

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Great Lakes Council | Environment/Get Involved

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