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Stroud Show – Pavilion Entries

Stroud Show Association Inc present the 95th
Annual Stroud Show.

The Stroud Show pavilion schedule is chock-a-block full of categories for the crafty, creative and green thumbed members of the community – we think March is going to be a busy month.

Entries open – online | Thursday 17 March
Entries open – Secretaries Office at Showground | Tuesday 29 March
Entries close | Thursday 31 March – 12noon
More Information & entry forms | Full Pavilion Program


All produce must be grown in the last 12 months. Produce can only be entered once per category.
Categories include; farm produce – best & biggest pumpkins, grammas, zucchini, gourds, squash, best carved & decorated pumpkin. Garden & orchard – eggs, duck, hen, bantam, best, biggest, longest, vegies too many to name,  lemons, fruit & honey.

Entry Fee | Adults $1 – Under 18 years 50c each class


Entries need to be delivered to the pavilion by 7pm Wednesday 30 March to be settled and chilled prior to judging. All exhibitors and general public are to vacate the pavilion when judging is in progress.
Categories include; larger, pale ale, bitter, pilsener, old & dark ales, stout, cider, wheat beer, other alcohol beer eg vegetable, fruit, experimental, brewed non-alcohol beer eg ginger beer

Entry Fee | Adults $1


Exhibits must have been grown by the exhibitor, with the exception of the floral arrangements. All exhibits to be in glass jars provided by the committee except in class 27 & 28 where the exhibitor must provide a vase.
Categories include; cut flowers, dahlias (Note: blooms must be a large decorative size over 210mm, they should be symmetrical graceful and fresh with no buds and face forward and upwards), roses (Note: an exhibition style rose usually has a lot of petals, a high centre and must be one to a stem. A decorative rose is characterised by cup-shape or loose petals or wavy petals. Floral arrangements, student section

Entry Fee | Adults $1 – Under 18 years 50c each class


Lids on all bottles are to be removable.
Categories include; jams, butters, chutney, relish, pickles, sauces and vinegars

Entry Fee | Adults $1 – Under 18 years 50c each class


All exhibits must be the bonafide work of the exhibitor. Exhibits cannot compete in more than on class. Cakes baked in ring tins or bar tins will not be accepted. Do not ice sides of cake or decorate with coconut or hundreds and thousands unless specified. Categories include; Iced cake various, plain sponge, sultana cake, plum pudding, rich fruit cake (special RAS show recipe – see full pavilion guide for details), scones.

Entry Fee | Adults $1 – Under 18 years 50c each class



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