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Michael Maytom wins Great Lakes first bravery award

It’s been a big few weeks for Michael Maytom with his son Ben recently returning home victorious from the International Professional Rodeo Association National Finals (IPRA) in Oklahoma City. In addition Michael was announced as the first-ever recipient of a Bravery Award from Great Lakes Council’s Australia Day Awards ceremony.

Mr Maytom was instrumental in saving lives during the super storm last April when he spread the word to evacuate after seeing the rapidly rising floodwaters. He then physically assisted others at Stroud Showground to escape the flood’s destructive path.

“It was a special award and we thought it was a very worthy one,” Great Lakes mayor Jan McWilliams said.

Mr Maytom said the award was a complete surprise and he never expected anything like this to happen to him.

“It’s just the decision you make at the time. I had to do it. It happens in a split-second,” he said

Michael Maytom has lived in Stroud all his life and up until last April had never faced anything like the flood water of the super storm. He said he hoped he would never have to face another flood but just in case he hoped the watch he received was water proof.

Read the full article www.dungogchronicle.com.au

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