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Hunter Local Land Services

Information sessions coming up in February 2016

Beef Cattle Weaner Management for Grass Fed Markets

With the increasing demand for Grass-Fed finished beef products, Australian consumers are seeking ‘Paddock to Plate’ proof that their beef has been given the best care and feed along the supply chain. Strict systems and auditing processes are now in place.

WHERE | ‘Knowla’, Moppy via Gloucester
WHEN | Tuesday 16 February, 2016
TIME | 9.30am to 3pm
MORE INFORMATION & BOOK | Local Land Services

Soils and Trees for Carbon Markets

Learn about current Carbon Credits, carbon farming and trading potentials in Australia. Louisa Kiely, Director of Carbon Farmers Australia, will explain carbon fundamentals, markets for soil and vegetation, opportunities for farmers, potential new income streams, the methods and more. Hunter Local Land Services staff will also outline opportunities for managing native vegetation under the current Native Vegetation Act, focusing on thinning and regrowth.

WHERE | Krambach Catholic Hall, 760 The Bucketts Way, Krambach
WHEN | Thursday 25 February, 2016
TIME | 10am to 3pm
MORE INFORMATION & BOOK | Local Land Services

Thinning for production in the Lower Hunter

Hunter Local Land Services staff will step landholders through the process of identifying and assessing native vegetation for thinning and clearing under the NSW Native Vegetation Act. Those who attend the field day will also get an introduction to a variety of native pastures that they can look for on their own properties.

WHERE | ‘Glenthorn’ 561 Allyn River Road, East Gresford
WHEN | Saturday 27 February, 2016
TIME | 10am to 2pm
MORE INFORMATION & BOOK | Local Land Services




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