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Anyone interested in becoming an Uber driver?

UberX is now legal in NSW

In December while we were all busy with Christmas preparations and attending various work and/or end of school functions, the UberX ridesharing service was legalised in NSW.

This may provide a great opportunity for an enterprising local person to start up a Stroud ridesharing service. Go to Uber for all the information – www.uber.com

The NSW Premier, Mike Baird had this to say on facebook regarding the changes to the Taxi/ridesharing service:

We’re legalising Uber.

The digital revolution is disrupting and transforming the way business is done right across the world, and the taxi industry is a prime example.

The thing that has made the taxi/ride-share situation difficult to manage is that, unlike other businesses facing disruption (say, video stores facing disruption from Netflix) the government has sold and regulated taxi licence plates and has a responsibility to offer some protection for the mums and dads and investors who own these plates.

At the same time, we believe in innovation and we want the best outcome for consumers.

The solution we have come to basically boils down to this:

* Ride-sharing services will become legal

* Taxi licence plate owners will benefit from an adjustment package funded through both government funding and a short term levy on ride-sharing

* We are getting rid of over 50 cumbersome regulations

* Safety will be boosted through a new regulator and commissioner to oversee the industry

We are helping consumers to win through having more choice in how they travel and simultaneously being fair to taxi owners as they transition into the future.

Information courtesy ofABC news

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