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National Broadband Network – NBN

Have you checked to see if the NBN is available at your address?

We checked our place in Stroud and were advised that the nbn™ service is now available for our address via fixed wireless technology. We were advised to contact a provider and choose a new plan that suits our needs, as we won’t be automatically connected to the nbn™ network.”

The process of getting connected to the nbn™ network is dependent on your location, so to find out what will happen at your place, you should check your address.

The following information is from the National Broadband Network:

What is fixed wireless technology?

Fixed wireless technology uses fixed transmission towers or base stations to communicate ‘over the air’ with nbn™ supplied equipment within the home or business, using radio signals instead of cables. It relies on line of sight from the tower to the equipment at the home or business.  nbn’s fixed wireless technology is designed to provide access to wholesale speeds ranging from up to 25-50mbps download and up to 5-20mbps upload*. Fixed wireless technology enables us to provide access to fast broadband over the nbn™ network in locations that are difficult or not cost effective to reach with fixed line technology.

What do I need to do to prepare for a fixed wireless installation?

You’ll need to think about where you want the nbn™ Connection Box (also referred to as a Network Termination Device or NTD) to be installed, on an inside wall of your property. The nbn™ installer will work with you on the best location for the nbn™ Connection Box.

The nbn™ Connection Box should ideally be installed:

  • near an accessible power point
  • in a cool, dry, ventilated area
  • away from busy areas where it may be knocked and damaged
  • near your existing phone or network cabling

If you are renting or leasing

Once you have checked your address and know the installation procedure we are planning for your home you should contact your landlord or agent as you may need permission. In the case where a landlord firmly objects we suggest contacting your local tenant advice service or union as the laws may differ between states and regions.

Specialist business services

It’s recommend that businesses should allow plenty of time to plan and move their services. Businesses should be ordering an nbn™ business plan at least 12 months before the date from which the existing network is planned to be switched off. See additional advice for your business services.

More information www.nbnco.com.au



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