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Dance to raise funds for disability car

The Cottage Ball – Friday 13 November

Along with his friend Corey Borrow, twenty-eight-year-old cerebral palsy client Josh Egan has been travelling from Stroud to Gloucester in Merv the Merc for nine years, three times a week, to access a day program at the Bucketts Way Neighbourhood Group.

“He’s normally busting to get here. He can’t get here fast enough,” laughed Mick Blanchard, the team’s disability services leader.

But travelling 3,000 km every month, including to Newcastle and four trips daily to and from Stroud, the toll on Merv the Merc is being felt only financially but physically, with increasing mechanical repairs encouraged by the state of the road, needing to be undertaken. Only last week the door covering the fuel access fell off in the middle of the drive. Added to its increasing burden is the noise at the back of the van, where Josh has to sit in his customised wheelchair in specially modified car restraints.

“Sometimes we put headphones on him, to lessen the noise,” Mick said.

Gloucester Advocate
To read the full story www.gloucesteradvocate.com.au/story/3484244



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