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Council uses social media to rehome pets

Council will now post details of dogs or cats on our social media pages and invites anyone interested in adopting to fill in an online ‘expression of interest’ form.

Everyone is encouraged to share the posts, so that as many potential new owners as possible are reached.

The suitability of potential new owners will be taken very seriously and the form is designed to help people understand the huge commitment involved in looking after a pet these days.

“The most important thing is that the pet goes to someone who will love and care for it in the best possible way” said Mr Cavanagh.

The first animal Great Lakes Council is hoping to rehome is a female Staffy cross, named Elsa.

“Elsa is a lovely dog. Our ranger has become very attached to her.  Seeing her go to caring new owners will be fantastic, so we’re calling on social media users to help us achieve this” said Mr Cavanagh.

Help Elsa and others like her find a new home via Great Lakes Council’s social media
or Twitter

Adopt an animal from the poundExpression of interest


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