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The Sunday Post – Larry Writer

Australia’s team was witness to history’s most controversial Games, conducted in the cauldron of pre-WW2 Berlin.
The 1936 Summer Olympics signalled Germany’s return to the world community after WWI.

That year’s Australian team comprised thirty-three athletes, some of whom were oblivious to the ideological exercise the games were to become.

Handicapped by a lengthy ocean voyage and antiquated training techniques, the team was hopelessly underprepared.

It faced the intensity of the German, American and Japanese athletes, teams whose brilliant performances that year included that of Jesse Owens.

The Australians were shocked by the extent of the Nazi propaganda in Berlin, and the fanaticism of the German crowds.

Two years later, Adolf Hitler was chancellor and Germany was under Nazi rule.
Larry Writer is an experienced journalist, biographer and true crime author.

His books include: “Razor”, on which the TV series Underbelly: Razor was based; as well as biographies of Chrissy Amphlett and many sporting figures.

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