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Online Planning Tool

Great Lakes Council has launched its new online planning enquiry tool and mapping which allows you to research the development rules for any property within the Local Government Area.

The aim is to help people sift through complex planning documents to identify what development rules apply to their property.

“Previously you needed to search through the main planning documents and work out which rules applied to your situation” said Great Lakes Council’s Strategic Planner, Louise Gaffney.

“With the new online tools we have done the hard work for you. Simply type in the address, select a development type and the system will produce a summary of the development rules that may apply,” explained Ms Gaffney.

“Although it does not replace the formal assessment process it does provide a good guide of what you can expect when you want to develop.”

Council is calling on all members of the community thinking of building, buying or just interested in learning more about development within Great Lakes, to try the online tools and give feedback on their experience.

Other search features include listing the locations (zones) where a selected development can be done and identifying what development activities can and can’t be done on a property.

Great Lakes Council – Planning Enquiry tool

NSW State Government – Electronic Housing Code

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