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The Stroud Community Web is an online news and information source for Stroud and surrounding communities. An initiative and ongoing project of Stroud Lions Club.

Aspiring animators & film directors

Dungog TV is searching for original films, home videos, footage, mini docos, loops, animations, artworks, interviews, photos and original music. Selected works will appear @ the 2015 Dungog Festival in a continuous after-dark street-side mini-film-festival – works can be funny, sad, unique, rural or whatever you like. Shoot something specially; or send us something you’ve already made. (We’re happy to do basic trimming & editing & even find someone to add music if necessary.)

Theme: Inspired by the Dungog area.

What kind of thing? Well anything really – a short doco, short drama, vine, instagram, loop, animation, comedy, interview, (granddad, annoying sister, yourself, Swifty, Mac from up the road) home movie, long shot of the main street or a cow, minecraft, tour, series of photos, piece of iNterESting, mUsiC, artwork, daggy, app-created, party in a shed, bedroom or paddock, Vacy, Gresford, Paterson, Claro, Barringtons, energy, poignancy, weirdness, animals, calm or joy. All we need from you is the completed (*or close enough) work.

Your next step:

  • Contact us and run the idea past us. We’ll need your contact details too.
  • We may ask you about format length style.
  • Deadline is 12 October – but contact us before then. Actually contact us NOW before you forget.


John O’Brien – 0427 290 209

Veronica Bolzon at the Dungog Festival office

This is brought to you by Dungog Festival and its many sponsors, Sony, & Dungog Community College.

More information at www.dungogcommunitycollege.org.au

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