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Healthy Soil & Good Composting Workshop

The fundamentals of all garden & farm success is based on the quality of your soil, learn what your plants need from the soil to thrive. A healthy soil is alive, it breaths, recycles waste, stores nutrients, cleans water & provides an environment for a huge variety of living organisms. This workshop will dig deep to walk you through everything you need to know about your soil, repairing and building highly productive soils quickly.

WHERE | 846 Bucketts Way, Stroud Road NSW 2415 – Limestone Permaculture Farm
WHEN | Saturday 22 August
TIME | 9am to 4pm
COST | $135 per person

We will also show you various Composting techniques, including how to make fabulous compost in 21 days, together with an introduction into making ‘Biochar’ and ‘Compost teas’. All to give your homestead garden & farm the best possible headstart.

For more information go to www.limestonepermaculture.com


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